Advisory Services

Partner and channel marketing is not a new space. In fact, some companies were founded on a business model that relied solely on channel partners. Others added partners and indirect channels as their businesses evolved.

We've all faced opportunities and challenges that might be new to us but that have been solved by others many times before. Tapping into the experience of others is a great way to avoid reinventing the wheel.

You have a smart team and you'd get to the same point eventually, but why wait? Engage the Averetek Advisory Services team and benefit from our years of experience. Let us help you take a leap forward and start to realize the results of your programs and initiatives today.

Averetek Advisory Services include:

  • Channel strategy workshops
  • Campaign / content strategy review
  • Partner marketing program analysis & review


Consulting Services

You know what needs to be done, you just need someone to do it. Someone with experience so they'll get it right the first time and deliver it as expected. Our channel professionals have extensive experience with program design, program creation, content development, to/through/with partner communication, and much more.

Averetek Consulting Services engagements include:

  • Marketing campaign content development
  • To-partner communication programs
  • With-partner campaign development and execution
  • Through-partner program creation and engagement management


Concierge Services

Your channel partners may not fully understand how to get the most out of the programs, tools, and resources you offer. Many would benefit from having someone to reach out to for questions. Others may just need a little encouragement from time to time.

Averetek Concierge Services include:

  • Partner support through click-to-chat, web, email, and phone 
  • Partner engagement and outreach programs to stimulate activity

Services are offered globally during normal business hours and in a local language.


Marketing Services

Your partners need expert advice but they shouldn't have to find a vendor to provide services for which they've never hired. That's where you come in. Working on your behalf, Averetek offers a variety of marketing services to help your channel partners with: