The absolute basics of Channel Marketing.


/ˈCHanl/ noun

A path onto which something can be directed.

/ˈmärkitiNG/ noun

All the activities associated with moving products and services from the manufacturer or seller to the end user or buyer.

What is a sales channel?

A sales channel is used by suppliers to move their products to market via a reseller partner. This is sometimes referred to as an indirect sales channel. Many well-known companies employ this model; nearly every automobile manufacturer, for example, has an indirect sales channel (they’re called dealers). Channel Marketing describes a set of tactics that create better marketing (and ultimately sales) outcomes in the reseller channel.

Where does Averetek fit into this equation?

Our software allows suppliers to enable their resellers to become better marketers. Reseller partners can create ready-to-go co-branded web pages, emails, advertisements, and printed documents in a few quick clicks. They can create their own events and invite their customers and prospects to attend them. They can also download ready-to-present content, such as presentations, sell sheets, and brochures all within the portal. It’s easy for the supplier to manage and easy for the partners to find what they’re looking for. Easy is good.