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We’re delighted to share a guest post from Meaghan Sullivan, VP of Global Channel Marketing at SAP, an Averetek client.

In 2016, SAP scrapped the hallowed tradition of annual employee performance reviews. Waiting once a year to offer this critical feedback just wasn't fair to our team members. The occasion was too infrequent for anyone to make timely, meaningful improvements to their work.

As this annual framework didn’t work for our employees, it wasn't good enough for our channel partners either. So in 2016, we launched a way to collect brief, real-time feedback from channel partners within our partner platform. Here's more on why we did it, how we did it, and what we learned.

Inbound Marketing, Content Creation, Localization

You're upgrading your channel partner platform or maybe building one from scratch. You'll be tempted to invest all your energy in developing new features or positioning page elements to optimize engagement. Our advice? Resist temptation. Producing strong, localized campaign content is a better time investmentthis is what your partners want and need.

Channel Strategy

When marketers talk about tracking buyer behavior, it's typically within a B2C context. But there's no reason that channel marketers can't use the same tactics to engage partners that have made B2C companies so successful in attracting consumers. Channel marketers who learn how to read their channel partners' digital body language are in a better position to provide those partners what they need to generate leads. 

Channel Strategy, Channel Engagement

This summer we launched a blog for channel partners. The goal was to share the principles of inbound marketing and provide partners with the advice they need to succeed in their unique role within the channel.

What were channel partners most interested to learn about in 2016? Here are the top 3 performing topics and what that means for brands in the coming year.

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We’re delighted to share the following guest post from Stephen Denny of Denny Marketing, an Averetek Partner.

The single biggest macro trend we could put our finger on in 2016 and beyond is what we call “Seeking Control in an Out-of-Control World.” Its implications should inform everything we do as marketers, communicators, and salespeople. Seeking Control tells us that our trust in the institutions around us—from the media to big business to technology to the government and even sports—has collapsed, ushering in a populist “people-first” wave that encompasses everything from political nationalism to data security to changes in media consumption.

Channel Strategy

As the year winds down, you're reviewing metrics and planning for 2017. We are too, as we get ready for next year's State of Inbound Channel Marketing report. With all the data you can access in a couple mouse clicks, it's easy to get caught up in the numbers. But when you focus only on data, you miss what should be a critical component in your channel strategy—the human factor. What do we mean by this?