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An Alternative to Zift Solutions

AVERETEK IS trusted by these great brands


We're Focused

From our blogs, eBooks, and roundtables to our award-winning channel marketing platform, Averetek is consistently regarded as the industry thought-leader when it comes to channel marketing best practices. We advise our clients with practical examples, not abstract frameworks, and it is informed by real-world experience.

We extend this approach to our software. Our platform enables channel partners, marketing, and sales teams to reach their customers with ease. It stands alone in its scale, scope, craftsmanship and aesthetic characteristics, and it is unexpectedly delightful to use for a business-level application.

Other services we offer, like concierge support or ContactAI, are designed to help brands and their channel partners get the most out of their use of our software.

In a heterogeneous world of channel, sales, and marketing software, we choose to partner with experts and integrate with their solutions rather than trying to offer an end to end stack.


Easy to Use

Our software is easy to use, for brands and their channel partners. You don't need a certification to be able to publish content on our platform.

Our brand clients receive personalized training from one of our dedicated client service managers. Once you're up and running, you can create campaigns for your partners in about fifteen minutes.

For channel partners, they can set up their profile and launch their first campaign in minutes. No knowledge or experience with HTML is required. In fact, most partners publish landing pages and send out promotional emails in about five minutes.


Your Brand, Not Ours

Whether you use Averetek Basic, Professional, or Enterprise editions, our software takes on the look and voice of your brand. We add your logo, customize the color scheme, and add a vanity URL.

Your partners see the Averetek platform as an extension of your existing tools, not something new that has to be explained. Most channel partners have no idea they are using our software and that's the way we believe it should be.

Unlimited User Pricing

Paying a per-partner fee forces you to make decisions that are limiting for you and your channel partners. Who's worth granting access to the platform? Anyone who puts you in a position where you have to make this choice doesn't really understand the power of the channel.

Per-user pricing restricts growth which is why we've always offered unlimited user pricing for the Averetek platform. The more users, the more value you get from your investment. And the fewer choices you need to make about who can use the tools, the better off you are.


The Most Used Channel Marketing Software

You'll have a full digital marketing suite of tools to help channel partners and sales teams attract leads and grow sales. You build the content using simple, beautiful templates, decide what users can edit, then publish it—all in a few easy steps.


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