Avalara needed a flexible, cost-effective, and automated way to help partners tell the brand’s story and generate leads. Averetek’s software helps Avalara efficiently and effectively market to, through, and with their partners.

The End of Reinventing the Wheel

Avalara is a leading provider of cloud-based software that helps businesses of all sizes automate the manual process of sales tax and other transactional tax compliance by offering end-to-end compliance solutions that are fast, accurate, and easy to use. 

Avalara’s partners, ranging from software publishers and developers to resellers, financial services providers, CPA experts and technology partners, share a common goal: increasing revenue. To do this, Avalara partners needed fast and efficient access to the right marketing tools.

“Our partners were looking for good content to engage their audience and tell our story, but we didn’t always have the time or resources to create the content,” said Liz Anderson, Director of Partner Programs at Avalara.

Avalara relied on its internal systems, like an email automation tool, to create emails and landing pages for its partners. The process was time-consuming, not repeatable, and limited the number of partners Anderson and her team could support.

“Once created, we had to deliver the content manually to the partner via email, and follow through to make sure they had executed it,” said Anderson

Ultimately, Avalara couldn’t gauge the value or success of their campaigns.

“The system didn’t provide closed-loop feedback to our partners, so we would have to send reports on click-throughs, leads captured, etc. It also didn’t allow us to confirm at the time of completion when partners sent out campaigns. Essentially, we had no visibility into whether our efforts were helping our partners,” said Anderson.

Avalara knew it was time to move a more efficient and automated platform.