Why Partner with Averetek?

Averetek's partners range from design & branding firms to full-service marketing agencies with channel in their DNA. With Averetek, partners can offer their customers best-in-class cloud-based channel marketing solutions. Partnering with Averetek gives you an invaluable opportunity to deepen relationships with customers and become a go-to resource for all things channel, allowing you to:

  • Build customer loyalty and reduce churn.
  • Provide a one-stop shop for customers seeking all-in-one solutions with your company.
  • Deliver a scalable, cloud-based solution that enables your customers to easily and affordably manage their VAR’s, SI’s, ISV’s and distributors.
  • Earn a percentage on sales made to your customers and prospects.

Many of your customers are dealing with a complex, multi-faceted reseller channel, and they look to you for guidance and support. Partnering with Averetek helps you deepen relationships with your customers, expand your customer reach, and positions you as a one-stop shop to which they turn for fully automated channel marketing solutions.

How We Win Together

We offer partners a unique opportunity to elevate their advisory role with their clients. Not only will you exceed client expectations by referring them to channel automation experts, but partnering with Averetek also enables you to offer profitable client services that elevate your trusted business advisor role. 

Partnering with Averetek is different: We take a serious interest in your sales and marketing outcomes, even if it never leads to anything for us. As a partner, you'll receive support from our channel advisory team, and we'll work together to explore the many sales and marketing opportunities we see every day.  

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