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Predictive analytics and account prioritization




Good marketing starts with a good list. The problem is, most companies don't have a good list. Poor data quality impacts campaign results and sales effectiveness. 

ContactAI integrates multiple data sources to provide marketing and sales teams with real-time email validation, demographic, firmographic, and psychographic data for contacts and accounts in their CRM. Clean, enriched data is returned to Salesforce, your CRM, or your marketing automation platform. Plus, it runs as a background service, so there’s nothing to install or maintain.



When it comes to partner programs, all channel professionals face the same key questions:

  • Which partners can I count on?
  • Which partners should I recruit?
  • Which partners should I cut?
  • Which partners can I optimize?

PartnerAI is a monitoring service that helps channel managers find new partners, keep their current partners loyal, and help underperforming partners level-up their game. 



Webinar and seminar organizers don't know much about their registrants, except for the business card data they ask for. What if they knew: 
  • Where they're from
  • Their social profile, and social influence
  • The details of their companies
  • What are they trying to learn about, what are they shopping for, and what they intend to buy

Using EventAI, webinar and seminar organizers can tailor their web content and calls to action to the specific group of people attending. They also help their sales teams maximize their time spent with the people and companies that have the greatest potential to turn into customers, accelerating the pipeline.



Marketing and Sales teams consistently struggle with knowing what the right piece of the content is to move the prospect to the next stage of the buyer's journey. NurtureAI demystifies this. It builds dynamic segments, and then matches the content to appropriate the segment. This way we get the sales team involved at the right time.  

"Putting together marketing programs and enabling channel partners is the single most effective thing that you can do to grow your business. With Averetek’s support, SAP Virtual Agency provides partners with best-in-class content, marketing materials, and tools that help us create more opportunities together."

Meaghan Sullivan

Vice President, Global Channel Marketing