Work @ Averetek

Our days are fast-paced, challenging and fun. The team is smart, quick-thinking and cool. Everyone gets along, and there's no dead weight or dummies around here. We all work independently and we don't have a water cooler to stand around (beverages, some alcoholic, are provided, though).

We are continuously looking for talented people, and we've been told that our interview process is unlike any other (in a good way).

You’re still reading this, and that’s fantastic!

Here are a few more reasons you might like working with us:

  1. We're awesome. (and humble)
  2. We'll treat you like a grown-up. Who has time for babysitting?
  3. We don’t like cubes.
  4. We offer all the standard benefits you'd expect (medical, dental, retirement, paid leave, etc.) plus a few more.  

If you like us, we'd like to talk with you. Get to know the team better or fill out the form and we'll be in touch!