Carryl Roy

Channel Marketing Concierge| The DJ


Averetek’s software and services are top notch, and the employees are brilliant and hilarious. It’s definitely a recipe for success…and a lot of fun!



What was your first job?

First paid job was babysitting. And at 16 I became a tax-paying citizen when I started working at a local pizza restaurant called Foodee’s. It is my all-time favorite pizza…and my old boss still owns the place!

What is your workplace superpower?

Mine is a life superpower – I have a very good memory, and it is somewhat photographic. From grammar rules, to product facts, to trivia and movie quotes…I can’t seem to forget.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

So many different things! I have eclectic interests…it would be incredible to unite them all somehow. But until then…I’ll continue to dabble.

Believe it or not:

I am a DJ and MC on the weekends. Weddings, parties, cheerleading competitions, corporate events, black tie affairs…you name it. I love all kinds of music and fell into DJ-ing completely by accident in 2009. I’ve never looked back.

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