Channel Incentives

Whether you're a CEO, a channel marketing leader, or a channel manager, you spend a good amount of time trying to understand what drives your channel partners so you can use that understanding to get your channel partners to align with your priorities. The use of incentives (rebates, spiffs, co-op, MDF, etc.) can be helpful in driving specific behavior, but there is risk involved.

When I have questions about incentivizing channel behavior, there's one person I turn to: Claudio Ayub, Chief Strategy Office for Perks | Channel.

Channel Marketing, Budgeting

Life is much simpler (at least in some ways) when you’re on the making money side of the business (sales) rather than the spending money side of the business (marketing). The word that sends a shiver down the spine of every marketer is “forecast”, as in “Did you enter your marketing expense forecast? Did you hit your forecast? Why did you miss your forecast?”

Like others, I’ve lost sleep over whether I was going to make my forecast or not.

MDF, Digital Advertising

The digital disruption of the IT channel continues to accelerate, bringing new opportunities and challenges. There are two forces driving business transformation: digital-savvy prospects with unlimited access to online information and a service delivery model with client satisfaction at its core.

Add a third wildcard–the shift from traditional to online marketing–and it’s clear that the most successful B2B firms will embrace a digital marketing solution to thrive in 2017. And advertising is an essential part of the digital marketing promotion plan.

So, as a preview, what do you need to know about the digital transformation in order to enable your channel partners?

Research, Channel Enablement

We're excited to share a guest post from Larry Walsh, CEO and Chief Analyst of The 2112 Group.


Your partners are optimistic about 2017, with the majority expecting to grow their businesses by 6 percent before the New Year’s Baby makes another appearance.

How are they expecting to produce these positive returns? Mostly through the expanded sales of products and services already in their portfolio.

According to The 2112 Group’s annual 2017 Channel Forecast study, partners’ growth investments are pointed in three places: expanding sales of existing products and services, adding more professional services (mostly around existing products and services), and creating new services based on vendor products.

Account-Based Marketing

There’s a lot of talk about Account-Based Marketing these days, and it’s more than just hype. According to Alterra Group, 97% of marketers surveyed had better ROI with Account-Based Marketing (ABM) than other marketing activities. We recently launched an ABM edition of our platform to support brands’ direct sales and field marketing teams. Here are 3 reasons why brands will be excited about this.

Social Media Marketing, Social Selling

We’re delighted to share the following guest post from Jen McClure, CEO of JEM Consulting & Advisory Services, an Averetek Partner.

There's no denying that buying and selling have changed as a result of digital and social media, bringing new challenges and opportunities to channel marketing and sales professionals. Welcome to the age of the social customer!

Channel Engagement, Continuous Feedback

We’re delighted to share a guest post from Meaghan Sullivan, VP of Global Channel Marketing at SAP, an Averetek client.

In 2016, SAP scrapped the hallowed tradition of annual employee performance reviews. Waiting once a year to offer this critical feedback just wasn't fair to our team members. The occasion was too infrequent for anyone to make timely, meaningful improvements to their work.

As this annual framework didn’t work for our employees, it wasn't good enough for our channel partners either. So in 2016, we launched a way to collect brief, real-time feedback from channel partners within our partner platform. Here's more on why we did it, how we did it, and what we learned.

Inbound Marketing, Content Creation, Localization

You're upgrading your channel partner platform or maybe building one from scratch. You'll be tempted to invest all your energy in developing new features or positioning page elements to optimize engagement. Our advice? Resist temptation. Producing strong, localized campaign content is a better time investmentthis is what your partners want and need.

Channel Strategy

When marketers talk about tracking buyer behavior, it's typically within a B2C context. But there's no reason that channel marketers can't use the same tactics to engage partners that have made B2C companies so successful in attracting consumers. Channel marketers who learn how to read their channel partners' digital body language are in a better position to provide those partners what they need to generate leads.