Build the Database and Work the Database, or Fail

Channel Marketing, Best Practices, Averetek Marketing Services

In my work with our brands who go to market through channel partners, I spend a good amount of time examining the performance of their channel partners’ marketing campaigns.

When I dig into what partners are doing, I see a lot of random acts of marketing with little to no segmentation or targeting.

How can I tell? They have one list loaded and use the same list no matter what email they're sending out.

Yes, the old spray and pray method of marketing is alive and well...unfortunately. Why does this happen?

I believe it's because channel partners don't really know who they are talking to. Their marketing database is a big unknown, and I don't see enough consistency in the development of the channel partners' marketing databases.

To be successful in sales and marketing, your partners need to focus on two things:

  1. Building their marketing database
  2. Working their marketing database.