Don’t Fight the Calendar – What to Do and When in Channel Marketing

Marketing Planning, Channel Engagement

Whether you have school-age children or not, there’s a school and holiday calendar that everyone follows that affects when people have their focus on work. This calendar impacts you, your channel partners, and customers. Rather than fight the calendar, I recommend being aware of the cycle we all follow so you can make the most of the time for you and your partners.

Here’s my take on when things happen and when they don’t:

Using Continuous Feedback to Rapidly Improve Your Channel Partner Program

Channel Engagement, Continuous Feedback

We’re delighted to share a guest post from Meaghan Sullivan, VP of Global Channel Marketing at SAP, an Averetek client.

In 2016, SAP scrapped the hallowed tradition of annual employee performance reviews. Waiting once a year to offer this critical feedback just wasn't fair to our team members. The occasion was too infrequent for anyone to make timely, meaningful improvements to their work.

As this annual framework didn’t work for our employees, it wasn't good enough for our channel partners either. So in 2016, we launched a way to collect brief, real-time feedback from channel partners within our partner platform. Here's more on why we did it, how we did it, and what we learned.

5 Ways That Eliminating Friction Will Engage Your Partners

Channel Partners, Channel Engagement

Friction creates suffering, slows momentum, reduces will, and reinforces the status quo. Friction is everywhere, and we've come to expect it. What if you focused on eliminating friction from all touchpoints with your partners? What would that look like?
Removing friction from your partner interactions sets you apart from other vendors and helps you build better relationships in the channel. Here are 5 ways you can eliminate friction from your channel programs to better engage your partners.