Improve Partner Communications Using Lessons from YouTubers

Partner Communication

Attendance for monthly partner update calls is at an all-time low. And it’s no wonder. Channel partners, like everyone else, have many priorities competing for their time. Why should they spend an hour with you once a month or even once a quarter? Why not just wait for the recording? We’re all so used to Netflix binge watching and other on-demand content that there’s very little need to gather together for live experiences.

But when people do gather together, live, there’s an opportunity to share energy and that’s the number one thing you should be trying to do with your partners.

Alexa, Help Me Build a Great Channel Program

Partner Communication

Half the battle in the channel is attracting and holding partner interest. If you can connect with partners, share a message of value with them – something that will help them in their jobs, then you will gain loyalty and support for your initiatives. Creating content that partners will consume is the goal, but it’s also a moving target. Like any marketing audience, you need to put content where your audience will consume it.

For our own marketing, as well as to test out ideas that we think will work for channel marketing, we’ve expanded our communication channels in the last year. Since we know email is challenging, we focused on channels that incorporate on-demand consumption of audio and video content.

Top 3 Videos that will Captivate Your Channel Partners

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According to Smart Insights, simply stating that a piece of content is a video appears to increase engagement across all channels.

Think about that for a moment. Just “stating” in the subject line that a piece of content is a video increases engagement. It’s no mystery then why 71% of companies with successful video marketing strategies plan to increase their video marketing budgets.

Videos lead to engagement – and ultimately sales - more than 50% of the time.

Video can be used in customer marketing, to-partner communications, and through-partner marketing, too.

Dealing with Post-Partner Conference Anxiety

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Another year, another partner conference. Your executives delivered compelling keynote presentations. They emphasized how important channel partners are to the success of your company and how their teams are going to work tirelessly to make sure you’re all successful together. You and your team shared details on the new marketing programs and initiatives you’re rolling out for your partners, and the information was well received.

And now you’re back in the office. And the anxiety sets in.

Will the energy that your channel partners displayed at your partner conference carry over now that they are back in their offices? Will they be chomping at the bit to get going on your new marketing programs?

Video Answer: Channel Marketing Scorecard Metrics

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Question: We’re about to launch our new partner marketing center. What channel marketing metrics should we track and report to determine what’s going well and what’s not? We have our own thoughts but we’re interested in best practices from the industry.