What is Channel Marketing? eBook

Whether you are new to channel marketing or you're an experienced practitioner, there's always something to learn. The way people make buying decisions has changed as they have more and better access to information.



Channel Engagement Framework eBook

Is your channel execution not as organized as you'd like it to be? Having a simple channel framework that you can use both internally and externally helps drive alignment and expectations with all the involved parties.



Channel Marketing Bill of Materials eBook

We give you our take on what we believe is needed as a standard Bill of Materials, focusing specifically on the needs of your Channel Marketing efforts. We’ll start with the to-partner materials that enable your channel and then discuss what’s needed along the Buyer’s Journey of Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.


GDPR Self-Check for Marketers

GDPR Self-Check for Marketers

The first step in planning for GDPR is determining if contacts in your marketing database live in the European Union. In this eBook, we offer advice on the steps to take and tools to consider.










Launch Communication Plan eBook

When launching a new program or platform to increase channel partner engagement, using a communication plan that both educates and motivates partners to use your tool or program will increase your chances for engagement after launch.










State of Channel Marketing

Ever wonder what thousands of channel partners around the world actually do when they have access to state-of-the-art channel marketing automation software? We did too. This report examines what partners really do and what they really care about. No speculation here, this report shows you what actually happens so you can plan and benchmark your partners accordingly.










Inbound Channel Marketing Checklist

A self-assessment tool to help you determine how ready your programs and your partners are to use Inbound Marketing tactics to reach more customers.










Return on Investment Calculator

Use our ROI calculator to discover the potential economic impact of putting marketing automation in place for your channel.

ROI Calculator








Channel Marketing Scorecard

There is no standard way to measure channel marketing program performance. Here's our take on what should be measured and reported on.


 inbound marketing checklist for VARs_ebook cover.png

Inbound Marketing Checklist for VARs

A self-assessment tool to help you determine how ready you are to use Inbound Marketing tactics to reach more customers.










Request for Information Template

More than 140 individual requirements are detailed in this 17 page RFI document for Channel Marketing Automation. It provides you with an in-depth set of use cases to consider and questions to ask candidate vendors.


how to run an inbound marketing campaign for VARs_ebook cover.png

How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign for VARs

HubSpot's inbound methodology provides a framework for reaching the modern buyer. Use this checklist to help you execute your first inbound marketing campaign.



social media prospecting for VARs_ebook cover.png

Social Media Prospecting for VARs

A workbook to help you find prospects and generate leads with social media.