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Training and Engagement Services to Reach Your Channel Partners

Training Plan Development

You’ve got a big initiative to roll out and don’t have time to create a training plan. Or maybe you aren’t sure how to attack it. We understand and can help you develop simple and effective training programs.

Online or In-Person Training

Your partners need simple and effective training to learn about your programs. We’ll create engaging training materials on your behalf and can deliver training sessions online or in-person.

Communication Plan Development

Sometimes you or your partners need help developing a communication strategy for a major initiative. We’ve been here before. We’ll provide guidance on what, how, and when to communicate to ensure connection with your audience.

Launch Strategy Planning

Launch strategy planning is not just about communication. There are schedule, rollout, training, testing, and marketing plans to build, and more. We’ll help you juggle all the pieces to plan for a successful launch.

Video Script & Storyboard Development

You want to produce your own videos but need some help with the vision, the story, and the script. We’ll create these things for you and then get out of your way.

End-to-end video production

96% of B2B organizations use video to engage their audiences. If you don’t have the tools or knowledge to produce videos in house, we have you covered. We help you script, shoot, and produce your story, set KPIs, and launch a video marketing strategy.