While the Pragmatic Marketing Framework defines roles and responsibilities across the typical functions within a marketing organization, there’s still the question of what specific content and materials are needed to successfully execute campaigns in the modern world.

But what, specifically, is needed for content? The list of items created for one campaign always seems to be different than the one before and the one after. And content for channel partners is often an afterthought.

What we typically end up with are random acts of content.

In a perfect world, we would have a standard Bill of Materials (BOM) that we use as the blueprint for every campaign. A standard BOM would ensure we all start with the same expectations every time we launch a campaign and that the needs of our partners are addressed.  We would measure the impact of our content and compare the impact across campaigns.

In our new eBook, What's in a Channel Marketing Bill of Materials?, we’ll give you our take on what we believe is needed as a standard Bill of Materials, focusing specifically on the needs of your Channel Marketing efforts. We’ll start with the to-partner materials that enable your channel and then discuss what’s needed along the Buyer’s Journey of Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

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