Choose the model that best suits your channel. 100-org minimum. Unlimited brand users.

Per Partner Org


Digital Marketing Campaigns

Easy, template-based landing pages and emails. Publish beautiful campaigns in minutes.

Event Management

Provide users with packaged event content and simple event management tools.

Resource Center

One place to go for files and links that provide support and enablement for your users.

Social Media Content Publishing

Create, share, and publish social media content to attract interest and drive leads.

Services Marketplace

Connect partners with agencies to provide strategy and execution services.

Web Content Syndication

Share web content with partners so they can tell your story through their website.

Marketing Planner

Help partners plan, execute, and track results within the platform.

Lead Management

Track campaign responses and their path to turning into pipeline opportunities.

Co-Branded Print Materials

Allow partners to add their logo and contact details to datasheets, eBooks, and other offers.


We'll personalize the site with your brand's look and feel.


Validate and enrich contact data with demographic, firmographic, and psychographic data.
(offers in-app purchases)
(offers in-app purchases)

Lead Essentials

Acquire new contacts using powerful filters to target a large B2B database.
(offers in-app purchases)
(offers in-app purchases) Integration

Connect your user data, report leads, and track campaign results.

Single Sign-On Integration

No one wants another username and password. We'll connect with your SAML or OAuth compliant SSO provider.

Custom Integrations

We can integrate your PRM, MDF, LMS, incentives, reporting, webcast software, or anything else you want.

Last updated February 6, 2019.