A self-assessment tool to help you determine how ready you are to use Inbound Marketing tactics to reach more customers.

Buyer behavior is changing, but channel marketing isn’t changing with it. Many companies are still using pushy outbound marketing tactics. Modern buyers want to work with companies who are more oriented around teaching and learning.

The Inbound Marketing methodology pioneered by HubSpot provides a great example of what life could be like for the channel, but it’s always been positioned for direct marketing with no equivalent approach to take for the channel.

Inbound Marketing provides a framework to modernize channel marketing, so that brands and you, their partners aren’t left behind by the changing market.

By collaborating with your brand partners, there’s an opportunity to modernize your marketing efforts by establishing core digital marketing capabilities and leveraging content and programs from the brands.

The good news is that you may already have some of the capabilities of Inbound Marketing and not even know it.

Until now.

We’ve put together a checklist – comprised of the ten capabilities that are essential for inbound channel marketing success – for you to use as a scorecard. It is an easy way to figure out where you are…and where you can go.

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