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Lead Essentials

A Solution for Faster Engagement, Powered by Aberdeen.

Available in Averetek Basic, Professional, and Enterprise Editions.

With Lead Essentials, You Can:

Find VPs of Marketing at financial service companies that use SAP have 500-1000 employees and are looking to buy Supply Chain software in 3 months and are likely to be reading about Top Five Strategies for Better IT Security



Find Accounts That Are Evaluating Solutions Now

Beat your competitors to the lead gen punch. Let Lead Essentials give you a data set of businesses and buyers whom we’ve identified as in-market.

We’ve built hundreds of models, backed by decades of technology experience, that can tell with precision an accounts' installed technologies, how much they spend on them and how likely they are to be purchasing.

Each of our models are constructed using over 2.6 million company sites and over 2000 individual data elements.

We run our models through a unique cross-validation process that compares nine versions of randomly selected data sets against our model to prove lift.


Create Micro-Segments

Our proprietary modeling tools let you refine your industry data set. Sharpen your selection by purchase likelihood, installed technology, industry, company size, budget and other technology-related categories.

By utilizing the filters available, Lead Essentials will help you focus on the ideal customers for your offering. Output the GDPR-compliant lists for use in sales and marketing campaigns to develop awareness, interest, and consideration among prospects. 

Watch the video on how it all works