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Marketing Services to Help Channel Partners Grow

Data Health Scan

The first step to improving a database is understanding the health of its data. With a health scan, your partners will receive a detailed PDF report with this complementary marketing service.

List Acquisition Services

Your partners may need help building or supplementing their marketing database. NetProspex, powered by Dun & Bradstreet, compiles a list of the right prospects for your partners to target, ready to import into their marketing software.

Data Cleanse & Enrich

Help partners cleanse and enrich their marketing database through the NetProspex Workbench Data Services Platform. Partners will gain insights into the best customers and know the condition of their database.

Social Media Management

Harness the power of social media with an experienced Virtual Social Media Manager for partners. We'll promote partners to prospects with new and existing content to increase website traffic and conversions.

Inbound marketing support

Buyers have changed. Partner marketing needs to change too. Let us support your partners' initiatives with a modern marketing methodology that attracts prospects and gets results.

Virtual Marketing Manager

Eliminate the risk and expense associated with hiring and training a new marketing resource. Our Virtual Marketing Managers provide the latest in marketing strategy to your partners.

Blog Writing

Maintaining a concise and captivating blog that's optimized for organic search takes time. We can develop and deliver timely, accurate, and knowledgeable blog articles on a regular schedule for your partners.

Press Release Services

Even if partners have a social media presence, press releases are still an important medium for broadcasting big updates. We'll help your partners create press releases that stand out, generate conversation, and get shared.

Case Study Development

Stories create an emotional connection that transcends facts or figures. We'll develop case studies about how your partners solve real world business problems and create value for their customers.

Telequalification Services

Give partners a boost in generating outbound leads for their business. Whether for appointment setting, event recruitment, or general qualification calls, we'll do the legwork to save your partners time.

General Copywriting

Do your partners need help writing marketing and sales copy that attracts, converts, and sells? Or copy for landing pages, promotional emails, or webcast presentations? Whatever the need, we're here to help.

SEO Audit

Websites fully optimized for organic search get found, expanding your partners' reach. Let us review your partners' sites and offer guidance on SEO best practices.

Averetek serves 80,000 organizations

(totalling 400,000 users!)

  • That have completed 1,200,000 marketing activities

  • And sent 50,000,000 emails

  • Driving $165,000,000 in partner co-marketing spend

  • Leading to $5,000,000,000 in projected partner pipeline