Advice, Ideas, and Inspiration from Peers and Experts

Whether you work alone or you're part of a large team, you may find that you have questions or you're looking for ideas, and that's where Office Hours comes in. This is a career none of us went to school for, yet somehow we found ourselves here. We're all doing the job, but are we doing it right? 


Expect the conversation to move quickly; it will last between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the questions.


This is the place to come for truly free advice to questions like:

  • How do I activate more partners?
  • Any ideas for a fun and engaging program?
  • What kind of MDF programs get the best results?
  • And your questions, too!


There are no expectations on you, and we ask for nothing in return. We invite any questions about channel marketing and sales you have. If you'd rather email your questions in before the show that works too, and we'll keep it anonymous if you request.


Maybe you just want to show up to hear the topics and trends others are talking about. We look forward to seeing you.