Russell Calhoun

Graphic Designer | Vegetable Punter

Averetek is an awesome place to work, with great people. They are all SUPER smart, and because of that, there is an inherent desire to do your best. I feel like each individual’s contribution is essential, and we all understand that it’s not about the part, it's about the whole.

What was your first job?

I baited and tossed lobster traps into the ocean off the coast of California. Actually that sounds more glamorous than the reality of that job, as I spent the first half of the summer painting the buoys and cages for the trap, then the last week we rode around on a boat and dropped the traps into the ocean.

What is your workplace superpower?

I took a nerf dart to the head and barely even cried.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I don’t know why I am contemplating this answer so much, probably because I am already an adult and living the dream. If possibilities were limitless I would be Link from the Zelda video game.

Believe it or not:

I wrote a letter to Nintendo as a young boy, outlining an idea I had for a new game. It was based off my little brother always using his Nintendo character toys and pinning them against one another in wrestling matches. After writing them a huge detailed synopsis of what I thought would be an amazing game called Mario wrestling, they promptly wrote me a denial letter. Two years later, Super Smash Bros came out and I couldn’t believe it.

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