SocialPort™, powered by Averetek

Increased Lead and Opportunity Volume, Improved Sales Productivity, and Monetized Marketing Content


SocialPort Overview

Sales teams can easily find and share content optimized to impact the buyer’s journey, attract new leads, and grow key accounts. It is the one place marketing and sales can work together and track results to the places that matter most – like your CRM. SocialPort helps accelerate sales cycles by operationalizing high-value selling activities like competitive intelligence, lead identification, prospect engagement and timely delivery of persona/funnel stage content.

  • Social communication platform for enterprise and large channel environment communication
  • Robust content syndication engine with full workflow and compliance control
  • Management console for metrics, reporting and analytics
  • Integrated “in-tool” training program



Align sales and marketing efforts to increase leads, grow existing accounts, and generate new streams of revenue.


Turn your best content into never ending streams of engagement and leads, for you and your partners.

Employee Advocacy

Your employees are your most trusted and effective messengers. Find out out to turn your employees into an army.

Brand Amplification

We help companies increase the reach, engagement and amplification of their brand. We help you maximize your marketing assets and channel relationships.

Event Promotion

Increase attendance and signups for your online or offline events. Tap into your employees’ trusted networks and see your results skyrocket.

HR / Company Culture

Turn your internal advocates into an engaged army of recruiters and referrers. Increase employee satisfaction while you’re at it.


Averetek serves 80,000 organizations

(totalling 400,000 users!)

  • That have completed 1,200,000 marketing activities

  • And sent 50,000,000 emails

  • Driving $165,000,000 in partner co-marketing spend

  • Leading to $5,000,000,000 in projected partner pipeline