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It’s clear that social media have changed the way customers buy and has redrawn relationships between buyers and sellers, bringing new challenges and opportunities to channel marketers. Welcome to the age of the social customer!

Today’s customer is extremely well-informed, with unlimited access to information about your company, products, and competitors. Today, as much as 70% of the buying decision is made before the sales person ever gets into the conversation and 78% of sales from the web go to the first company that responds to the inquiry. So, how can you equip your channel partners to stand out, be thought leaders and influence the buying decision?

A coordinated and aligned approach using social media marketing and social selling will provide your partners with a powerful way to prospect and generate leads, increase the reach and scale of their marketing, strengthen your brand and relationships with customers and prospects, and ultimately achieve greater sales success.

Please join Averetek and JEM Consulting & Advisory Services on April 12th for a webinar focused on social selling best practices and what this new approach to marketing and selling means for your partners.

What You Will Learn in this Webinar:

  • The importance of partner sales/marketing alignment
  • The New 5 Ps of Marketing
  • Why Social Selling is important
  • How to use LinkedIn for Social Selling
  • Top tips to help your partners get started with social selling

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Presented by: Jen McClure

mcclure.jpgJen McClure is CEO of JEM Consulting & Advisory Services, a Silicon Valley-based management consultancy dedicated to helping organizations gain competitive advantage through the use of digital and social media and other new technologies. She is one of the original authorities on digital and social media. More than a decade ago, she anticipated the significant impact that these technologies would have on business, media, culture and society. This led her to cofound the Society for New Communications Research in 2005, a think tank focused on these technologies, which merged with The Conference Board in 2016. She now serves as a Program Director and Advisory Board Chair for The Conference Board.