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With our channel marketing automation software, you can easily enable your channel partners to share your stories and ideas with the world. And with unlimited user pricing, you can invite everyone to the party.

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Marketing Automation Software for Channel Partners

Averetek supports the needs of more than 71,000 brands and channel partner organizations around the world by offering a suite of simple and effective marketing tactics that can be personalized and shared in minutes. 


Digital Marketing Campaigns

Remove obstacles to marketing through-partners. Add automated tactics to your marketing toolkit to enable your partners and sales team with ease. 


AI-Enabled Lead Management

Channel partners often lack clean and complete contact data for leads. Validate and enrich contact data to improve targeting and sales and marketing outcomes with an intelligent background service.


Social Content Publishing

Social publishing doesn't have to be complex to manage. Enable channel partners with social media content and the tools to schedule and manage the content across channels. 


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Marketing Multiplied

By Averetek's Mike Moore and Peter Thomas

Marketing Multiplied is your comprehensive guide to indirect channel marketing. We explore topics such as how best to engage channel partners, how to create programs that generate outcomes, how to develop the right mix of content, recruiting and hiring talented people, and how to provide meaningful incentives to your channel partners that motivate them to deliver results

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Chatbots in the Channel

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, there are several applications that are becoming common due to the low cost and accessibility of AI-based platforms from Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Amazon. Among the many opportunities for sales and marketing, chatbots and virtual assistants are emerging as a way for companies to provide better customer service at a lower cost.

For brands who go to market with and through channel partners, chatbots can be utilized to service your channel partners and their customers and prospects.

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7 Scenarios for Blockchain in the Channel

With mainstream awareness of blockchain-based products and services increasing thanks to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there’s a lot of buzz about the decentralized technology but very little understanding of what it is and its potential as a disruptive force.

I have been spending some time thinking about what blockchain-based channel tools could mean for brands and their channel partners. All relationships require trust to be successful. And transactions of any kind between two parties require trust, but it’s not always easy, especially given the ups and downs of typical business relationships.

According to Mike Orcutt writing for the MIT Technology Review, “the whole point of using a blockchain is to let people—in particular, people who don’t trust one another—share valuable data in a secure, tamper proof way.”

Blockchain-based systems are potential game-changers for indirect channels. They offer the potential for transparent, trusted and accountable partnerships. But they don’t exist yet, so for now, it’s interesting to consider the possibilities.

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There Are Two Types of CMOs When It Comes to Channel Marketing. Which Is Yours?

No matter what role you hold in your company, having the support of the C-level executive you roll up into makes your job easier, especially when it comes to securing funds and resources for programs and campaigns. But before you go make your pitch, it’s important to consider who you’re presenting to. A common theme I’ve noticed among channel marketers is that they say their Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) fall into one of two categories: CMOs who “get” the channel and those who don’t.

CMOs who “get” the channel understand the role of channel partners as they relate to the strategic aspects of partners as a route to market as well as how best to leverage channel partners specifically for sales and marketing execution. These CMOs typically have a background where they have worked with channel partners at some point in their career, whether their past roles were in field marketing or in a specific channel marketing role that put them in close contact with partners.

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GDPR Self-Check for Marketers

For any company who markets to citizens of the EU, GDPR compliance presents a new set of challenges. Learn about this new law and how to assess your marketing database to understand which contacts are affected.

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Channel Engagement Framework

Is your channel execution as organized as you'd like it to be? In our experience, having a simple channel framework that you can use, internally and externally, helps drive alignment and expectations with all of the involved parties.

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Channel Marketing Bill of Materials

While the Pragmatic Marketing Framework defines roles and responsibilities across the typical functions within a marketing organization, there’s still the question of what specific content and materials are needed to successfully execute campaigns in the modern world.

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Launch Communication Plan

You’re launching a new program or platform to increase partner engagement and you can’t wait to get your partners using it. Consider that how you communicate what you’re offering your partners is just as important as what you’re offering them. Learn how to make your new initiative successful with a communication plan that educates your partners on the value for them, stokes excitement, and gets partners engaging with the platform after launch.

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Some of the great things our clients are saying about us

Lisa Penn SAP

We rely on Averetek to serve the needs of our channel globally. Through a strong partnership with their team, we've been able to deliver a rich set of marketing capabilities to our diverse partners around the world.

Lisa Penn Senior Director, Global Channel Marketing, SAP
Chris Szarlacki, SonicWall

Averetek's channel marketing platform allows us to help partners generate more leads than previous tools. A key benefit is an ability to quickly publish content to share with partners which is essential in the fast-moving world of security software.

Chris Szarlacki Director of Channel Marketing, SonicWall
Jessica Walker-McFarland, Splunk

Averetek is central to our growing partner marketing program. With the platform’s capabilities, the team’s industry knowledge, and hands-on support, we are delivering better marketing campaigns faster, with and through our partners.

Jessica Walker-McFarland Director, Worldwide Partner Marketing, Splunk