7 Scenarios for Blockchain in the Channel

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With mainstream awareness of blockchain-based products and services increasing thanks to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there’s a lot of buzz about the decentralized technology but very little understanding of what it is and its potential as a disruptive force.

I have been spending some time thinking about what blockchain-based channel tools could mean for brands and their channel partners. All relationships require trust to be successful. And transactions of any kind between two parties require trust, but it’s not always easy, especially given the ups and downs of typical business relationships.

According to Mike Orcutt writing for the MIT Technology Review, “the whole point of using a blockchain is to let people—in particular, people who don’t trust one another—share valuable data in a secure, tamper proof way.”

Blockchain-based systems are potential game-changers for indirect channels. They offer the potential for transparent, trusted and accountable partnerships. But they don’t exist yet, so for now, it’s interesting to consider the possibilities.

The Influence of Natural Selection on Partner Marketing

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In a recent LinkedIn post, Larry Walsh, CEO and Chief Analyst of The 2112 Group shared his perspective that brands aren’t responsible for transforming their partners’ businesses. As the tech industry shifts its delivery of solutions to the cloud, and as customers shift their buying preferences from purchases (capital expenses) to subscriptions (operating expenses) channel partners must evolve their sales processes, compensation, and solution delivery models to suit the needs of modern buyers. Not making these changes will cause partners to lose relevance in the market and they’re likely to shrink rather than grow their customer base.

Walsh suggests that there is a role for brands to play, but it’s different than taking responsibility.

Announcing Our Channel Marketing Book, Marketing Multiplied

Channel Marketing

After more than a year of writing and editing, we’re excited to announce that our book, Marketing Multiplied: A real-world guide to Channel Marketing for beginners, practitioners, and executives, will be available in early 2018.

At Averetek, we believe in a marketing approach centered on teaching. We try to share what we know with our clients, prospects, and partners every day. We do this through conversations, emails, blog articles, and eBooks. But all that teaching content comes in small parts. No single piece of content laid out a complete framework for how best to deliver channel marketing, not one that we had created, and nothing from other sources.

We searched Amazon to see what books already exist on the topic of channel marketing and there were none. Knowing that no one goes to school for channel marketing (and we have yet to find a college course that contains this subject) and seeing how hard channel professionals work to figure out how to be successful, we saw an opportunity.

Per-Partner Pricing: A Penalty for Success

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Life is much simpler (at least in some ways) when you’re on the making money side of the business (sales) rather than the spending money side of the business (marketing). The word that sends a shiver down the spine of every marketer is “forecast”, as in “Did you enter your marketing expense forecast? Did you hit your forecast? Why did you miss your forecast?”

Like others, I’ve lost sleep over whether I was going to make my forecast or not.

Averetek Included in 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Channel Marketing, Marketing Technology

In 2010, Scott Brinker of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog developed his first view of software products involved in marketing as part of a presentation about the rise of marketing technology. At the time, the visual he produced had about 100 vendor logos covering a PowerPoint slide.

Now, in 2016, the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic has grown to 3,874 logos, including Averetek in the "Channel, Partner, and Local Marketing" category.

The Simple Formula for Blogging in the Channel

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Whether you are creating blog content for your to-partner communications or for your partners to customize and use in their own blogs, it can be challenging to come up with relevant topics to write about.

When faced with the challenge of developing ideas and storylines, it's easy to push blogging to the back burner. I've been there, too, but along the way I found a method that made blogging easier, and even a bit enjoyable.

Having spent the last year and a half blogging for Averetek, I’ve developed a very simple formula for generating ideas for blog content that I think can be applied to to-partner and through-partner channel marketing scenarios.

Data Analysis Tips from the State of Inbound Channel Marketing

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When I joined Averetek in 2014, it was around the same time that Marketo announced the Marketo Institute, their initiative to take the data from all of the global users of the Marketo marketing automation platform and share it with the world to enable marketers to gain insights and understand best practices.

The move by Marketo inspired the Averetek team to develop our report, the State of Channel Marketing 2015. Our report analyzed the performance of more than 43,000 channel partner organizations and more than 158,000 users executing a variety of marketing tactics on our marketing automation platform in more than 150 countries.

This year, we’ve continued our work by developing the State of Inbound Channel Marketing 2016. The latest dataset was even bigger than last year with more than 59,000 channel partner organizations with 239,000 users utilizing the Averetek platform in 164 countries.

The process of going from tens of thousands of rows of data to a report with fourteen charts and a list of insights is time-consuming and complicated, but some tricks to pulling the data together can be used in your day to day work.